Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Purpose of this Site

* To inform members of all Orthodox Churches in America and Canada, all Romanian Orthodox Christians from around the world, and all Romanians regardless of their Christian denomination, of the origins, nature and scope of allegations concerning the termination of employment of Rev Fr Vasile Susan with St. Mary’s Romanian Orthodox Church in Chicago, IL (as of March 1, 2004), his expel and excommunication from the ROEA and un - Christian and inhumane misconduct at the highest levels of the central church administration by providing news and supporting documentation about the civil court and ecclesiastical court proceedings. The civil courts will establish the malfeasances of the malfeasants only;

* To enable Orthodox Christians and to share information and thoughts on these allegations and the events surrounding this priest and his family’s saga and to see HOW the abuse of power and disregards of the Church and civil laws can have detrimental consequences upon those who are leaders of Churches or not for profit organizations and their Episcopate, Diocese, Archdiocese;

* To encourage Romanian Orthodox Clergymen and all Orthodox Christian Clergymen from all over the world to take action to resolve their cases of termination of Church employment and scandals which threatens the financial and moral integrity of every local parish, or at the highest levels of the central church (Episcopate, Diocese, Archdiocese) as Orthodox Christian entities. It is our understanding that cases where the issues do not involve any religious, canonical or doctrinal matter can be decided on the basis of "neutral principles" of contract and corporate law as set forth by the United States Supreme Court in the case of Jones v. Wolf. Accordingly, there is no constitutional impediment which prevents the courts from ruling on the issues presented by the legal action;

* The Editors do not impose any ban or restriction on those who would like to use those materials posted herewith for any publishing in any Romanian or non - Romanian newspapers, either in Romanian and English language. This is a genuine expression of freedom of expression and information. The materials posted herewith are for public records and are expressing our American liberties;

If you have any questions about this website, please feel free to contact us at rocpnews@hotmail.com

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